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Hi! My name's Riannah, I'm from Melbourne, Australia & have been serving with Missionaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the past 6 months (& lived in Sydney for 2yrs prior to that!) For the last little while, I've been living my dream.. that God would send me to the Nations of the world to serve people.. & I've LOVED every minute of it! I'm passionate about seeing people set free, living in all that God's called them to be, knowing who they truly are in Him, & loving life! I love people & believe that together we can seriously change this world! I used to be overwhelmed with the hurts & brokeness I saw amongst humanity, to the point that I was suffocating beneath it all, but then God stepped in.. Showing me that with Him as my strength, I can face the world & fullfill what He has called me to do! How exciting's that?! If we all play our part, the world as we know it will be turned upside down!
There's so much beauty in this world, but often we look through the wrong glasses.. We need brothers & sisters to share the beauty of life with.. Never becoming ignorant to those who are suffering, but reaching out & lending a hand, an ear, & always a heart! Love truly is everything.. it conquered the world!

P.S I am so inspired to read all that my fellow I-hearters are writing.. So often I stop & think, Wow, finally I've found some people who understand my passions & who I can relate too.. I feel as if some of you have stepped inside my head & shared my thoughts with the world..! Love it!

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As a 23yr old girl, my dream has always been to be sent to the mission field.. to play a part in bringing the Kingdom of God to developing Nations. After going on a huge journey, I realised this wa... Read More >>
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