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I am inspired by inspiration and bravery! I am HUNGRY for more of God and I have found myself in all the wrong places. However - I appreciate the lessons learnt from these experiences which have provided perspective which currently is - hat I want to surround myself and have God fill me with love and patience and compassion and with the ability to help where it is needed, love where there is no love and inspire where inspiration is but a word mentioned so few and experienced even less. I am from South Africa - one of the most beautiful countries in the world with lush beaches and nature reserves and gardens and animals and more beauty than I can describe in words! BUT... our country also has its not so beautiful aspects just as every other... we are surrounded by terrible crime and racism and hatred in men and woman that are filled with vengeance who do not know the love and peace of God - our Saviour and Creator!! I have the urge to do great things and connect with the youth - as I understand the immense pressure on their shoulders from all angles. I also want to reach out and let abused woman and children be reminded that it wasnít their fault and that they are still beautiful in so many ways! Especially to God, their and our Father!! I have grown up with truly strong believers and walkers of faith and as a result my story is long and packed with detail - but... I am not here to tell my story alone - but rather God's! And as I am still very young in my relationship with God - I have and am willing to still learn so much! I look forward to meeting and fellowshipping with new people - those with whom I can relate with and glorify God - in order to surround myself with his awesomeness - but also those who are not as close and wherever it is God wants me!

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My family has always been involved with charitable doings and a few years ago started hosting "Christmas parties" for abused and HIV affected woman and children from local homes and organ... Read More >>
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Since its inception in 2005, this outreach has grown from strength to strength with the aid of the community. We have reached many children and frail elderly and have touched many lives. We hope... Read More >>
I have created a prayer wall... 3 different groups - people i know, people i donít know and myself. Iíve used colour and attention grabbing aspects as learnt in school - which funny enough only wor... Read More >>
I have given up social networking and intend to stay off for 40 days! I want to use this time to draw closer to God so that I may hear Him more clearly. So that He can open the eyes to my heart. Wh... Read More >>
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