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Our world is full of possibility. Our world is full of illusions. It's up to us to use spiritual eyes to see the opportunities around us to love and serve one another. I'm learning one day at a time how to love. I often fall on my face and eat my words, but I come back and continue on learning. I have a keen interest in the arts and healthy living.

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Vanessa Neiditch commented on Non-Shampoo Day! :
Actually you should look into "no poo" hair care or how to care for your hair without shampoo. You shouldn't even use soap.

Look up how to use baking soda (not harmful to the earth) and lemon juice, sea salt and the like.

Your hair will actually grow shiny, more healthy and have more texture and body. You won't need harsh styling creams and products (they are too heavy and will make your hair dirty!)

anyway I think this is cool! rock on!
12:40pm June 13
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5:21pm May 29
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