The I-HEART 20 causes

are the top 20 things we see wrong with our world.

You'll see they're all connected. So as part of the solution, let's connect too.

But first, have a read + maybe you’ll learn a little something…

Because how can we help our world without knowing what's happening?

And then… have an IDEA… it only takes ONE idea to change the world...

Access to Education

It’s crazy to think that the quality of our education mostly depends on where we’re born. An education is a basic right that many of us take for granted… it's the imparting of knowledge and training to future generations.

Access to Food

We'd be called ‘malnourished’ or ‘undernourished’ if we don’t have enough of the right foods to grow and maintain our body’s health … or to learn, work and be able to recover from disease.

Access to Health Care

Healthcare is a right that many of us take for granted. But when we compare provision to need we see there is still so much to do. Should health and survival depend on where we are born? Is the way that it is, the way that it should be?

Access to Water

Jesus says “if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is My disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward." However, the UN reports that just under 2 million children die every year because they don’t have access to adequate water or sanitation.

Child Soldiers

Putting “child” and “soldier” together may seem so unnatural, but it’s a reality for many of our planet’s most vulnerable. There are about 250,000 children currently serving in armed conflicts for both rebel groups and government forces in various Asian countries, parts of Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and most critically in Africa.

Drug Dependency

In total, there are approximately 25 million problem drug users worldwide. Virtually every part of the world feels the effects of drugs, whether through trafficking supply or meeting demand.

Environmental Stewardship

Some of us might argue… “why care about the environment, humans have dominion…”

But there is a difference between dominion and stewardship.


Internationally, gangs have a stronghold on countless lives. Violence and addiction follow gang members and their families from generation to generation, often trapped by fear.


The number of us living with HIV today is around 33.4 million, 68% in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many of our brothers and sisters across the world don’t have access to antiretroviral medication, many lack HIV/AIDS education and basic medical care. Cultural attitudes are excluding and isolating those infected… and orphans are being created every day.


2007 reflects a new era in how we live on this planet. For the first time in history over half of humanity lives in cities and towns. By 2030 it’s estimated that this will grow to two thirds of the world’s population. This urbanisation translates into us needing to build 4,000 units of housing per hour until 2030 to meet demand.

Human Trafficking

Some of us right now are being moved like commodities... Like herds of cattle with prices on our heads… Crossing land borders and oceans, human traffic penetrates most countries of our world. Whether for sex work, labour, organs or drugs… families are being torn apart… people are being displaced, lacking medical care, education, housing, safety and security.


“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.”
~ Mother Teresa


“People are the real wealth of nations” ~ United Nations Development Programme

…But due to poverty, people are dying from not having enough food… Why is there a lack of shelter? Why are there people dying from preventable disease? Why can’t everyone have safe drinking water?

Racial Inequality

What we look like, where we're from, our culture, our heritage, our background... Why should these determine quality of life? - Housing, health care, education, access to social services... Shouldn't "human" rights be avaliable to all... humans?

Refugees & Displaced People

"While every refugee's story is different and their anguish personal, they all share a common thread of uncommon courage – the courage not only to survive, but to persevere and rebuild their shattered lives."

~ Antonio Guterres, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees


Security is important for us all. When we talk security, we mean a few things – job security, food security, as safe place to sleep and freedom from interpersonal violence… All the things that make life secure.


The UN reports that there are up to 27 million modern day slaves - more than twice the entire number traded over the 400-year history of the Americas slave trade.


Close to 1 million people suicide throughout our world each year which exceeds both annual total homicides and annual deaths by war combined.


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