A week in the news #4

By alicia hosking
9 Aug 2011
Breaking Vows, a global report on child marriage from NGO Plan UK, has revealed that 10 million girls under the age of 18 are married each year, often without their consent. That's one every three seconds. Plan UK's Chief Executive Marie Staunton describes it as "one of the biggest development issues of our time", noting that the phenomenon counteracts six of the UN's eight Millennium Development Goals, including the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women, achievement of universal primary education and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. The reasons for child marriage are varied, but are often related to extreme povertyRead more >>

An Australian medical journal has announced plans to classify long-term grief resulting from the loss of a loved one as a mental disorder, called 'adjustment disorder related to bereavement'. The classification has generated debate amongst psychiatrists, with some arguing that grief is a natural phenomenon with personal and culturally specific responses that should not be labelled as a mental condition. While for most people the pain of grief begins to ease after about six months, for others it's a long-term issue that can lead to substance and alcohol abuse, mental health problems and the prescription of anti-depressant medication. Read more >>

The eyes of the world are on the Horn of Africa, where long-term conflict, drought and displacement are resulting in one of the worst humanitarian disasters to strike Africa in decades. Of all the regions affected by the food crisis, only two areas in southern Somalia have had famine officially declared by the UN. As conditions worsen, more than half a million children are close to dying of starvation and diseases including measles, cholera and typhoid are spreading through hospitals and refugee camps. These confronting images give us a glimpse of the severity of conditions on the ground in Somalia. Read more >>
1.2 tonnes of cocaine, with a street value of around £300 million, was found last week hidden beneath the decking of a luxury yacht that was being shipped to the UK from Venezuela. The shipment was enough to satisfy around a third of Britain's annual demand for cocaine, which is one of the country's most widely abused substances. The drug bust involved cooperation between British and Dutch police and has resulted in the arrest of men in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Oxfam have created an interactive map to show the impact rising food prices are having across the globe. The map pinpoints locations that are vulnerable to food insecurity, gives statistics and specific details of the problem, cause and impact in each region and provides an opportunity to take action via Oxfam's recently-launched GROW campaign.Read more >>

The Voice Project is an online musical movement that seeks to raise awareness and support for women and children affected by the ongoing civil war in Northern Uganda. Initially inspired by the songs of forgiveness and love groups of Ugandan widows would sing to draw home their children, many of whom have been abducted by the LRA and forced to serve as child soldiers, The Voice Project has since set off a chain reaction, inspiring world-famous musicians to lend their voices to the cause. Visit The Voice Project >>
The first ever US Refugees Congress took place in Washington DC last week. A total of 60 refugees and asylum seekers converged on Georgetown University Law School to share their stories of displacement from countries including Vietnam, Cuba and Burma and raise awareness of the struggles of displaced people around the world. With every single American state represented, the Congress hopes to be involved in reforming US Government policies that affect refugees and displaced peopleRead more >>

Our friends at charity:water were in news last week after one amazing girl's birthday wish came true - many times over. Tragically, 9-year-old Rachel Paul was killed in a car accident just weeks after donating her birthday to raise money for the charity. Since Rachel's death, people from all over the world have been so inspired by her generousity they've donated to the cause in her honour, raising almost $1 million - that's clean water for over 40,000 people. Read more >>


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Re: A week in the news #4

I love this " A Week in the news" blog..so useful. caught my attention reading about the under age kids getting married...what?? It´s beyond words talk about famine taking ground. Urgent prayers on behalf of those suffering so much. x

12 Aug 2011 by Greice Moura

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