Love a Loner_

Do you remember that kid at school. no one ever spoke to him and there was always some legend about how he had killed his family with a meat cleaver...

Ok maybe that is a little over zealous. He was just a normal young guy who was socially awkward and wanted friends but was unsure how to go about it. Each lunch he would sit by him self and you and your friends would pass him, maybe occasionally throw him a smile because you felt bad. I know its true because I did it too.

Well I have developed a challenge, the 'Love A Loner Challenge'. The need for more, for change, for a better society is knit within us all. The want to change the world, to rid the world of homelessness, poverty, sickness and malnutrition. To show people love, give them opportunity and a fair go.

As young people this is our opportunity. One person. One world. Change One person. Change the world. The 'Love A loner Challenge' has taken that want to change the world and broken it down into a bite size doable opportunity.

you. Five days. One loner. Go_

You. Five days. One loner. Go_
Every day in schools/workplaces across the globe are thousands of individuals who are sad, without friends and somewhat lonely. you know them. you walk past them daily.

Your challenge is to identify a loner, and over a 5 day period (1 school/work week), stop, say hello. be kind, find common ground, hang out and love a loner.

Your greatest time is now_
Your greatest work is done daily; you showing faith, hope and love to your world. you are never too young or insignificant to make a difference.

What the bible says_
I tell you with certainty, since you did it for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me. - matthew 25v40

Go. I dare you_

NB. Obviously the long term Goal is friendship. This is not a 5 day project which is neglected. This is merely a challenge to get the ball rolling.

website coming soon!

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Fantastic Idea, let me know if you need any help I am a graphic designer and web designer. I would love to be a part of this.

Reply | 6 Nov 2009 by Eli

Hey Reuben, this idea is brilliant. I think the tought part is starting to see others how Jesus sees them, once you get there it makes so much easier to love the unloveables or "loners"

Reply | 6 Nov 2009 by rajeev

Awesome man! So simple, but such a well stated challenge. I think I'm gonna go out and do it now!

Reply | 6 Nov 2009 by Thomas

Hey do you have a Facebook and/or MySpace page for this? If not, I'd love to help in getting both pages up. Let me know if you want me to help. :)

Reply | 6 Nov 2009 by Brian

Love it... simple but brilliant!!!

Reply | 6 Nov 2009 by Nikki

Awesome! Simple... just like the Gospel.

Reply | 6 Nov 2009 by Kevin

Love it. Such a challenge to love those who are hard to love. This challenges me to reach out to those who aren't just off by themselves but who tend to be the ones who get on my nerves for one reason or another. It's a challenge to love them even more and show it!

Reply | 6 Nov 2009 by Jake

great idea! and you don´t spend any money, just spend your time. you don´t need to make a big speech about who are you or what are you doing. it´s love all about. it´s love. i support and im gonna do it

Reply | 11 Nov 2009 by Ana

Great idea =) We're all inthis together .. United in Jesus Christ, b-cause He lives in our lifes !
let's tell the World that Jesus lives, That Jesus is te LORD *-*

Reply | 12 Nov 2009 by Deborah

I really love this idea.. but i have a question for you guys. I'm pretty shy myself.. so do you have any suggestions on how to approach someone like this? Just that initial first contact or greeting?? Once I get talking I'm ok :) Thanks.

Reply | 13 Nov 2009 by Evette

lol, I use to be a loner when i was in high school.
People were afraid of me, they thought I was one of those kids that would crack and do something crazy.
I have heard some of the crazy things people would come up with about me and other loners I met in high school.

The reason I was a loner was because I had an major anxiety disorder, and have raynaud's phenomenon. which is a bad mix. any bit of nervousness would cause the raynaud's to act up. I was embarrassed by it so I tried to avoid socializing as much as possible.

I have learned how to manage my anxiety, and I have changed my diet. So I'm not a loner anymore, but I'm still a little shy.

Reply | 18 Nov 2009 by christina

So simple and so great... We live centered in ourselves and forgot that around us there is people how lives with no one else... It's so simple... Just a smile, a friendly word is enoght to make the day of somebody better. Loved the idea, I'm starting right now :)

Reply | 19 Nov 2009 by Priscila

A genuine concept that can really change the heart of this nation. Praise Jesus for His divine plans. Bless you man, may this movement spread like wildfire. Peace.

Reply | 20 Nov 2009 by Adam

There is an EXCELLENT, indie movie coming out in the US that deals with this topic. its called 'To Save A Life'. If you get a chance, watch it!!

Reply | 13 Jan 2010 by Erika

O wow! That's phenomenal! Will try it this week :D

Reply | 15 Jan 2010 by Deidre

awesome! yes, of course :)

Reply | 15 Feb 2010 by David Kurt

This is so good! I will take on this challenge and more than ones as well. This helps people from ending up on the street, loneliness and drugs....

Reply | 4 Mar 2010 by Lizette

count me in :)
simplicity is bliss.

Reply | 22 Mar 2010 by Lindsey

Wow! Sounds like a great idea. I am going to do this and challenge my girlfriend to do it also! God bless

Reply | 25 Apr 2010 by Steven

Truly a great example of spreading the LOVE!~ <3

Reply | 3 Jul 2010 by Mika

Awesome idea im on it immediatley

Reply | 21 Aug 2010 by gary

This is awesome!!
I'm gonna try it as soon as I see my next loner!!

God Bless

Reply | 13 Feb 2011 by Josh

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