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I live in a pretty nice area... But there is still obvious need. I notice it when i'm not too busy, and not too self focussed... which isn't all the time, just sometimes. And every time I find myself there, I always hate it's taken me so long to get back.
Well anyway, I was buying my lunch. And right by me was a homeless guy. He stunk. He was dirty. And he was muttering to himself. All of a sudden I didn't feel as good about the panini I was looking forward to so much. So, I did something really easy.
I bought 2. And I got my friend Jeremy to give the man the sandwich. To be honest I was a bit scared of him, but I didn't want my fear to get in the way of his meal. I don't even care that the man thought it was Jeremy not me. It wasn't about that at all.

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Wow, that's awesome! It's difficult to look beyond ourselves and to help someone on the street. I live right outside of NYC and my church is right in the middle of Times Square so you can only imagine how many homeless I encounter. It is definitely difficult to step out of my comfort zone and to help them in any way possible, (and they can definitely be a bit scary, yelling and carrying on), but God definitely cares about them and so must we. But I love this and love that you were able to step out and do that. It does take a lot of courage and I think you used a good sense of judgment by having your guy friend give it to him :)

Reply | by Valerie

A homeless man came up to a friend and I at lunch and asked for some change- Neither of us had any and when we told him he said, "come on, even if everyone just gave me 10 cents..." I asked him if he was hungry and bought him a burrito- which is so besides the point- But it just got me thinking... even this man understood that if everyone just did something so little think about how big of an impact it could have. It seems overwhelming sometimes when we try to take in how much need the world really has- BUT- lets definitely not ever use that as an excuse to reach out to the one---- This is a great idea.

Reply | 6 Mar 2010 by Adam

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