"Fasting" social networking

I hadn’t heard from my friend Kendyll in such a long time. I started wondering where she had disappeared to. I had been online everyday, numerous times a day... and still hadn’t seen anything posted by her in ages, which was truly odd. She was always online or at least always updating her status. This is where our friendship grew and this is where it was based. She stays in a different town and we don’t see each other anymore but we use sites such as ‘Facebook’ to stay connected.
A few days later she uploaded something and I asked her where she had been...

She responded: “Bey0o0odifuL
I had to deactivate my account! I had to sort things out & felt really HURT by PPL! And I needed to "fast" from FakeBook! And it's done me very good!! I was really putting things like FB way in front of our Dad. And I was getting Soooooooooooper negative. I HAD TO DO IT! I miss my friends!! That’s the only reason why I activated it again! Xxx”

MY response was: “My beautiful friend - you are NOT just a pretty face! That’s such an amazing idea. I have been thinking the same for a while now. It’s consumed me. I wake up its fb. I’m on it all day and then before i go to sleep!!! This is what I need. You've started something! IM “FASTING” FACEBOOK as of now!! ya friendy!!!”

She responded: “YAHAYYY ;DDD
It's THE BEST thing I could've done! It got my mind off of things that were BREAKiNG me! So I'd recommend it seriaasly!!! Ah I just wana give u 1 heck of a HUG!"

And that’s how I got inspired to “fast” social networking. I had been feeling bad for a while about how often I was on some site and how little time I was dedicating to God. (Hence my absence here.) And because it had all become so accessible I would be able to log on at any time – in any place. When I was bored at the dinner table. When I was bored. When i woke up and before my eyes were even properly opened I had to check if anyone had said anything about my last update or post. All day during the day, whenever I had the chance... and just before closing my eyes and falling asleep at night. Sometime’s falling asleep while still connected!!!

Sometimes we become so wrapped up in things like social networking that it becomes all we think about. All we worry about. Who said what/who posted a new photo and what is it of/who is dating who/who poked me!!!/what are the latest games/how may friends do I have/How many more can I get/Oh bad photo – UNTAG!
I have given up social networking and intend to stay off for 40 days! I want to use this time to draw closer to God so that I may hear Him more clearly. So that He can open the eyes to my heart. Who knows how many countless opportunities I had for example to see someone’s sad face who did not scream out for someone’s help but desperately needed it... and I could have been prompted by God to give them a hug – but instead my eyes were locked on the screen of my phone reading about what other people were screaming out for everyone to see. I have nothing against these sites AT ALL and appreciate the way I am able to stay connected to my family overseas and get back into contact with old friends who I wouldn’t have been able to speak to otherwise. But I HAVE ALLOWED it to consume all my time. I HAVE ALLOWED it to distract me from all things that are important and I HAVE ALLOWED it to kick off all the other priorities on my list and take a comfortable first place. So now...
When i wake up – instead of opening my phone straight away and heading to the site – Im going to thank God that i could wake up once more. I’m going to spend time thanking Him and filling myself with His presence so that i can take on the day with His strength! During the day – whenever i feel like going online – I’m going to rather pray. Pray for others, for myself, for anything. But I’m going to talk to my Father as often as I would have spoken to whoever was online and with whom I’d share inane information. And before I go to bed at night I’m going to thank God again for carrying me through the day and for everything that I am blessed with each day! And when I wake up again – I’m going to start all over again. Again I’m not saying anything bad about the sites. I’m young and I love social networking. But until I can teach myself that it is not more important than my Creator and Savior... until I am able to find that balance and still put God first in everything I do... Until then I’m taking a small break...
I’m so excited about what God is going to show me through this. I’m excited to draw closer to Him and mature in my relationship with Him so that I can learn to balance external factors in life and never allow them to take first priority.

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