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Surfing 28 States

Random act of kindness
A 3 month voyage across the 28 diverse and extremely populated states of India. The beautiful art form of wave riding will be used once again to spread the stoke throughout communities, stretching the definition of surfing to suit whatever landscape the boys encounter. Capturing the vibrant colours of the countryside and experiencing the humbling culture within the slums are just a few of the elements that will make this adventure one not to forget. Whilst surfing will be used to get the grommets psyched, Jonno & Stefan have also chosen several non profit organisations to meet up with along the way, from orphanages in the Himalayas to wildlife reserves in the north east jungle just to mention a few. The inspiration behind this is a result of their time spent at Mision Mexico, realising the need to lend a helping hand to those in less fortunate, and how rewarding it can be.
To Surf the 28 States of India while meeting its people and hearing their stories.
India, Surfing, Helping People
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